Infinity (aka Serenity III) is a full replacement of DOOM I's first episode. This WAD contains new graphics and new music.

The set of 8 levels have - once again - been made with the word quality in mind. It's Mind here, not Muscles! Many days and weeks have gone into testing, designing and fine-tuning. Although this isn't a hack&kill kind of level, you will get your share of bloody action (especially when playing on "Ultraviolent").
Some of the levels may be a breeze, others may be a real pain in the *ss. But one thing can be said for all levels: YOU DON'T HAVE TO USE THE CHEATS!! There are a few very though places, but they can be done. When it seems you can't get around them without using the cheats, you may be doing it the wrong way and/or you may have missed one or more (valuable!) hidden rooms (which contain power-ups, weapons and/or ammo). Hidden rooms which, by the way, can ALWAYS be recognized in some way (different texture, different light-level, etc.).

Let's see what players have mailed us after they had (fully or partially) explored the intruiging world of Infinity:

"As usual, bang-up job on the levels. Good work."
"The serentity series (all 3) KICK MAJOR ASS. BEST single player wads I've ever played"
"it is another excellent series!"
"I just got through playing Infinity. It was another outstanding add-on. I really enjoyed the game play."
"I Have just finished playing Infinity.... wow, what a gaming experience. Thank you..."
"I just finished playing your PWAD, Serenity III, aka Infinity. I absolutely loved it!
You've truly mastered the art of visual design and creation of atmosphere. I only have an 8-bit sound card, but the music really made me feel a part of it. (Especially `Beat It' in E1M3.)
Your use of textures really has inspired me and changed the way I make my PWADs. As someone who believes strongly in fiddling with texture offsets until everything's perfect, I was extremely impressed by your attention to detail. I'll tell you what, if I could accomplish something that magnificent in just a month, I'd be very proud, indeed.
Congratulations on such a great job!

(To think I could pay a lot of money for Thy Flesh Consumed, but I can get your great work for free! :-) )"

So, if you haven't downloaded INFINITY, then do it today! (you really won't regret it... ;-)

For (short) descriptions of the seperate levels of Infinity, and to see some impressive screen-shots, check this page.

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