Serenity Sounds is an almost full replacement of DOOM I's sound effects. "Almost", because some of the sound FX of DOOM are so cool that they should not be replaced, such as the 'scream' of a Lost Soul or the sound of flesh dropping on the ground when you kill a soldier or a sergeant.

The effects that it DOES contain are mostly those that we liked from other sound WADs, but we have also added a number of samples of our own. Examples of these are the sound you hear when you kill a Baron of Hell (the Black Crows!) or the ones you hear when you kill a Caco (Barf!) or a master Spider (metal galore!).
The sounds in these WAD have been selected based on various criteria. One of the important ones is that you don't get bored by a sample (since you'll be hearing it zillions of times!!). The samples do not match some kind of theme (for instance like the Aliens sound-wad), but we still like it 8^)
This WAD works with all Doom 1.x versions.

So, for a whole new DOOMing Xperience, or to really get that Ultimate Serenity Feeling (USFtm), download SERSOUND now!! (your DOOM will never be the same again... }-)

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