Eternity (aka Serenity II) is a full replacement of DOOM I's second episode, and the successor of Serenity. This WAD contains new graphics and new music.

This set of 8 levels have - again - been made with the word quality in mind. It's Mind here, not Muscles! Many days and weeks have gone into testing, designing and fine-tuning. Although this isn't a hack&kill kind of level, you will get your share of bloody action (especially when playing on "Ultraviolent").
Some of the levels may be a breeze, others may be a real pain in the *ss. But one thing can be said for all levels: YOU DON'T HAVE TO USE THE CHEATS!! There are a few very though places, but they can be done. When it seems you can't get around them without using the cheats, you may be doing it the wrong way and/or you may have missed one or more (valuable!) hidden rooms (which contain power-ups, weapons and/or ammo). Hidden rooms which, by the way, can ALWAYS be recognized in some way (different texture, different light-level, etc.).

Let's see what players have mailed us after they have submerged themselves in the world of Eternity:

"God, your episode kicks %^&#@$...."
Great work on your wads.
[...] Keep up the great work! You have given me a few hours of enjoyment!"
"I recently downloaded eternity.wad, and after playing it through I just had to send you some mail commending you on it. What sets this apart from all other wads I have played is the extreme attention to detail you have put into it. The puzzles, secrets, and detail all contribute to the playability of this wad. And of course, if I didn't mention anything about the music, I would be forgetting a big part of the experience! The music you have put into this is simply amazing.
The time I have spent playing your wad has been one of the most enjoyable of all other wads I have played. I have given this wad to all of my fellow DOOMers, and they are all amazed by it. Keep up the good work guys, your creativity is greatly admired.
"Congratulations! Eternity.wad has been voted into the List of All-Time Best Doom Levels. It is the first level to be added since voting went into operation two months ago, and even since the list was created six months ago."
"[...] Another quality game. Tougher than Serenity for sure, but with that same compelling quality... It's just got to be finished no matter what (and, like you have said somewhere else, without using cheat codes. Otherwise why bother??) I like the fact that you don't require a person to be a 'WAD God' to have a good challenge."

So, if you haven't downloaded ETERNITY, do it now! (you won't regret it... ;-)

For (short) descriptions of the seperate levels of Eternity, and to see some impressive screen-shots, check this page.

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