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Arachna is a replacement of either DOOM I's E1M1, or of DOOM II's map01. The WAD contains new music and has three difficulty settings.

The story of this WAD? The evil Spider Mother has made her lair in a Holy Place and turned it into a place of Supreme Evilness. But before you can defeat her, you will have to fight your way past countless monsters and other "naughty folks".
It is strongly recommended to save often in this WAD: there are a few spots that may seem too tough or too hard to handle (like when you encounter the Cyber Lord on the Easy level). In virtually all the situations like that, there is some kind of help available to get around this. There are a few very handy 'short-cuts' and hidden rooms. The key to discover them, as is the key to discover other "helping hands", is some kind of irregularity. This can be a seemingly mis-alligned texture, or a lack of symmetry. Don't take anything for granted, and have an open eye for (subtle) hints.
And just as has and can be said about the Serenity series: this level can be completed without using any cheats!

Although the Arachna WAD has been released recently (compared to the Serenity series), I have received a number of very positive reactions about it:

"After finishing arachna.wad I'd like to congratulate you.
In the last years I played hundreds of wads, but your construction belongs to the top of my personal list (also eternity) - great design, very tricky.
"ARACHNA2.WAD is a great wad !! It's getting lots of usage; there's probably a hole forming at where it's saved on my hard drive ::-)"

So, if you haven't downloaded ARACHNA or ARACHNA II, do it now!! (you won't regret it... >-)

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