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Trydent is a replacement of DOOM II's map01. The WAD contains new music and has three difficulty settings.

Originally this WAD was intended to be a part of Serenity IV, but since it is still very unsure whether or not Serenity IV will be released, I decided to publish the WAD anyway.

The story of this WAD? You have been captured by an unknown enemy, and now find yourself in a dark, bloody dungeon. The only way to get out seems to be a dimly lit hole in the wall, leading straight down into unknow areas. What dangers lie behind it??

This WAD contains one semi-secret area; the area itself is well visible, but how to get the red key to open it is a secret.
And just as has and can be said about the Serenity series: this level can be completed without using any cheats!

Although the Trydent WAD has not been released that long (compared to the Serenity series), I have received a number of very positive reactions about it:

"Great level!

This thing is jam-packed with clever ideas! That's the way I like 'em. I like the silhouette monsters room! [see screenshot number 4] That was fun. I like the baron guarding the extra stuff when most of the guys on the level were little. And I liked the folding stairs [...].

Overall, very well crafted."

"Just wanted to let you know I played and enjoyed TRYDENT.WAD. I am not the most experienced Doomer in the world, usually I play on HMP, and I find that I have a very hard time surviving most pwads, but yours was tough but survivable."

What more can I add to this? If you haven't downloaded TRYDENT yet, do it now!!

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