Screenshots & (short) Descriptions
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Level 1 - "From Here Till Eternity"

Enter Eternity. Enter the unholy church. And may your faith be your guide.

It's Judgement Day!

Level 2 - "The Fat Imp Sings Your Blues"

Feel the heat in this level! Solve the Maze of the Many Doors.
Face the bridge.
Meet your Doom.

All that, and wonderful music ;-) to go with it...!

Level 3 - "Totally Crossed Out"

A very large level with - if we may say so ourselves - awesome use of marble textures & lighting effects to match! Try to get past the Crossed Room.

Level 4 - "Clear & Unpleasant Danger"

Would Harrison survive this one?

Level 5 - "Through The Eye Of The Needle"

A Big & Blue level.
Revisit the Seventh Guest (sort of).
Get outside.
Get the bonusses!

Level 6 - "The Underground"

This must be the sewers of Hell itself. And the people who 'work' here do not seem to be paying much attention to their job. They'll pay that to you!

Level 7 - "Escape While You Can"

The name says it all! A level with lots of sneaky surprises, such as a double maze, and timed doors. And a level where deadly suprises may be around every corner.

Level 8 - "Serenity Forever"

This level is a farewell to Eternity, but also a 'hello' to Serenity (both I and III).
But first a fierce battle has to be won...

If you are just dying to go and play this WAD, then download Eternity now!

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