Screenshots & (short) Descriptions
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Level 1 - "Switch Bored?"

A warm welcome & a warm start! This is what Infinity is all about! (so get used to it...)

Level 2 - "Say Jazz To Another Excess"

Be on your guard in this level: don't be suprised by a surprise.

Level 3 - "Beat It!"

You'd better be warmed up be now, as the action really starts on this level. Some spots are though. Some spots may even seem unfair... at FIRST sight...

Level 4 - "Everybody Frag Now"

This is a real treat: there is fun (a labyrinth) and there is relaxation (a 'tropical' island) and there is... Well, you'll See&See it when you get there. Just don't forget your, ehm, sun block.

Level 5 - "Dungeons Of Doom"

Will you reach the Nd? (Do you like the 'practical' joke?)
You will need every clip and stimpack on this level, as this dungeon is packed to the max with almost all the baddies DOOM has to offer.

Level 6 - "Who's Afraid Of Red, Yellow And Blue?"

Anything you'd want in a level... And more!
Making the right choices (or should we say: avoid making the wrong ones) is essential in this level. At least if you'd like to stay ALIVE...!

Level 7 - "Blaze Of Glory"

After Red; Fight
After Blue; Think
After Yellow; exiT

Level 8 - "StarGate Into Infinity"

A Finale that is sharp as a knive, and which gives you the creepy feeling that you have seen this terrible sight before... (or is it just the windows...?)

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