Screenshots & (short) Descriptions
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Level 1 - "A Warm Welcome"

This first level is a warm welcome into the mysterious world of Serenity. It gives you an idea of what you might encounter in the levels to come.

Level 2 - "DOOM - The Movie"

This level includes some nice, spiffy looking structures like a big archway, a plaza, and a movie theater ("Aliens" seems to score big-time at the Doom Box Office).

Level 3 - "R You Lonesome?"

Hell isn't supposed to be fun, is it?

[God, we really aren't very good at writing spicy level descriptions or stories.
Our motto is: play them - don't talk about them!]

Level 4 - "All The Marbles"

Here you will go through a tight, action packed underground section that has more in it than meets the EyE... There is a maze also, but it has been kept simple (?) enough to keep it from getting boring.

Level 5 - "Dungeons Of The Dark"

A level of considerable size. It's dark (well, the dungeons are...). It scares (the DOOM monsters do this very naturally). It puzzles (the background music is from "Twin Peaks"... ;-)

Level 6 - "I'm Here. I'm There. Stairs Are Everywhere"

If you hate lots of stairs & switches, this level sure is Hell for you! You can finish this one in lots of ways. Be smart: take but one way, and that is the RIGHT way!
This level, just to re-assure you, is the only one that makes this heavy use of switches, stairs and lifts. We just wanted one level that had it, and this is it.

Level 7 - "Big Time"

The name says it all!
This is the level that formed the basis of the entire Serenity series. It has grown inmensely since we started on it.

Level 8 - "Church of The Poisened Minds"

Bring enlightment to all those lost souls & sinners that you encounter here. Stand firm, and you will ultimately find there is a Heaven in Hell... (at least for a short moment...).

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