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Desperately Seeking:
Helping Hands and Human Touch


Information Brokering, new Forms of Using Computers, Agency,

and Software Agents in Tomorrow’s Online Market Place:

An Assessment of Current and Future Developments

by Björn Hermans

Zeist, The Netherlands
© Copyright 1998, Björn Hermans / Cap Gemini

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We are living in a time of increasing information overload. Many solutions have been or are being drawn up to tackle this problem. However, today’s most prominent solutions - such as Information Push and Search Engines - do not seem to be able to (fully) tackle the problem.
In this paper we will have a look at a number of prominent solutions, which may aid us to survive the information overload in the online market place of the short-, medium- and long-term.
The short- and medium-term solutions that will be looked at are ‘agency’, agent-like applications, improvements made to the information chain, and - most importantly - Information Brokering.
The long-term solutions are related to changing the whole groundwork underlying the online market place, and are about whole new ways of interfacing with the online market place as well as the full employment of (possibly intelligent) software agents.

Keywords: Agency, Calm Technology, Information Brokering, Information Overload, Online Market Place, Information Push/Pull, Software Agents, Ubiquitous Computing.

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