Artificial Intelligence FAQ:
Mark Kantrowitz' Artificial Intelligence Frequently Asked Questions contains information about AI resources on the Internet, AI Associations and Journals, answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about AI, and much more.
Desperately Seeking: Helping Hands and Human Touch:
In this paper - which can be considered as to be a sequel to this end thesis - a number of prominent solutions, which may aid us to survive the information overload in the online market place of the short-, medium- and long-term, are looked at;
First Monday:
This is a peer-reviewed Internet journal. In the issue of March 1997, this thesis about agents has been chosen as one of the two publications of that issue.
Global Intelligence Ideas for Computers:
A WWW page by Eric Vereerstraeten about "assistants or agents [that] are appearing in new programs, [and that] are now wandering around the web to get you informed of what is going on in the world". It tries to give an impression of what the next steps in the development of these agents will be.
Intelligent Software Agents:
This is an extensive list that subdivides the various types of intelligent software agents into a number of comprehensive categories. Per category, organisations, groups, projects and (miscellaneous) resources are listed. The information is maintained by Sverker Janson.
Project Aristotle: Automated Categorization of Web Resources:
This is "a clearinghouse of projects, research, products and services that are investigating or which demonstrate the automated categorization, classification or organization of Web resources. A working bibliography of key and significant reports, papers and articles, is also provided. Projects and associated publications have been arranged by the name of the university, corporation, or other organization, with which the principal investigator of a project is affiliated". It is compiled and maintained by Gerry McKiernan.
Revised Computer Science Resource Center: Artificial Intelligence:
A page containing a lot of resources about Artificial Intelligence and related (sub) fields.
The Software Agents Mailing List FAQ:
A WWW page, maintained by Marc Belgrave, containing Frequently Asked Questions about this mailing list. Questions such as "how do I join the mailing list?", but also "what is a software agent?" and "where can I find technical papers and proceedings about agents?" are answered in this document.
UMBC AgentWeb:
An information service of the UMBC's Laboratory for Advanced Information Technology, maintained by Tim Finin. It contains information and resources about intelligent information agents, intentional agents, software agents, softbots, knowbots, infobots, etcetera.

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"Intelligent Software Agents on the Internet" - by Björn Hermans