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Copies of this thesis can be downloaded in a number of formats. Note: These files are not kept up-to-date anymore - only the on-line version of this paper is updated occasionally.
HTML format, including all graphics, icons and figures, available in compressed form (277 kb.);
Word for Windows 6.0 (131,1 kb.) or Mac Word 5.1 (101,2 kb.);
Or a with GZIP compressed Postscript file (379 kb.). Note: some (UNIX) users will have to rename this file to "agents.ps.z" to be able to decompress it.
PDF format (based on the Postscript version of the thesis) compressed form (667 kb.);

All .zip and the .psz files need to be decompressed with WINZIP (or a comparable program) which can be downloaded from many software archives such as the TUCOWS site.
If you would like to get the thesis in a format that is not listed here, send me an e-mail specifying the desired format: if the thesis can be converted to this format, I will send it to you.

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"Intelligent Software Agents on the Internet" - by Björn Hermans